Do Not Resuscitate

Since I finished the first draft of the novel on November 15th, I told myself that there would be a nice period of rest for exactly one month. The novel had to sit and soak for a bit. It had to breathe. Honestly, it had to be nearly forgotten so I could come back to it with fresh eyes.

Decompressing from the launch of a big project at work, I told myself this would be a period of pure relaxation. I would not let the constant, gnawing thought: ‘I should be writing’ creep into my brain. At first, I found it a bit difficult. For the past year my evenings centered around finding time to write. The first couple of days I came home from work or the gym and I did what I would always do: quickly calculate how long it would take to eat before I could sit at my desk and go at it. I really wasn’t sure what I would do with all of this new-found time. Don’t worry though. Slowly but surely, I found something to do. And that, my friends, was this:

Watch Grey’s Anatomy.

Watch twenty-one back to back episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. With Season 6 pending in the queue.

About 2 years ago, I completely gave up on this show, despite it being one of my favorites. Something had happened. Something had snapped. I found every character incredibly annoying. I wanted nothing to do with the tumultuous Shepard/Grey relationship. And I hated the formula: patients coding at the end of every frickin’ episode, Bailey or the Chief’s motivational speeches, Izzy’s sunny, happy, knit-a-scarf, personality.

Now, I simply can’t get enough. Every time that heart rate flat-lines, I squeal with delight. I root during a motivational speech by singing Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’. Seattle Grace is now host to a grueling marathon and I want to run more miles. I’m holding picket signs outside of Shonda Rhimes’ doorstep screaming: GIVE ME MORE! GIVE ME MORE!

Instead of wondering how much writing time I can fit in, I wonder how many episodes I can watch before bedtime. I have dreams about transferring to pediatric surgery and who the new chief of cardio is going to be. I wonder if Christina Yang wants to be my friend. Or if I have to settle for Lexi Grey. [gasp]

On Dec. 15th, it will all end. I realize this is just a fleeting fantasy. Just a fling in the on-call room. But for now, I am completely caught up in a new and exciting story-line. And as my little novel sits and breathes, I consider calling it: McSteamy. [sigh]

P.S. I am two years behind the rest of the world. If you even so much as breathe a word of what happens on this show to me: I will kill you. And forge the Do Not Resuscitate form. Don’t mess with me people. I am a woman on a rampage.


One thought on “Do Not Resuscitate

  1. Hahaha this is too funny. Be forewarned – the show DIES in the season with the writer's strike. I almost gave up then, because the plotlines were just … pathetic. And sloppy. But this current season, oh it's back to its former glory! Can't wait til you catch up!

    And about the writing thing – as you know, I just finished my first draft, too, and seriously, I'm baffled as per how to switch to revision mode. (I'm giving myself a little time off from the novel, but not yet.) Like you said, it's always been “ok when I can write?” And now? … Nada. We'll figure this out!


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