Blogs I Read: Day 2

I recently came across Beth Kephart Books . The first blog post I stumbled upon included a video with a writing prompt for the group readergirlz. I immediately liked her voice and her style. She spoke a bit like a poem.

As I read her blog, I feel as if I am being let in on a little secret. Her prose is beautiful and thought provoking. I recently finished one of her books, Undercover, and I’m hooked. From her video, to her blog posts, to her fiction I feel that same quiet but powerful voice and I want to know more.

I feel I’ve discovered her blog and her books at just the right time. I am able to learn about her journey as it unfolds on her blog. And read her published work (which spans several genres including memoir, non-fiction and young adult) from the past 12 years. I’ve just learned that she has an adult novel in the works too. That type of diversity from a writer is very exciting.

Is there a blog you read for the beauty and depth of its prose?

One thought on “Blogs I Read: Day 2

  1. Dear Melissa — thank you so much. Sometimes we sit out here, thinking and dreaming and blog posting and we wonder if we are talking to ourselves.

    And then someone like you comes along and notices. Thank you.


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