Halloween Haunting

I’m participating in the Halloween Haunting this year, from Theresa Milstein’s Substitute Teacher’s Saga. If you are looking to discover new blogs, make some new writing friends, or land a critique partner, the rules are simple:

From 10/28-11/1 go haunt Theresa’s blog.
Leave a comment:

1) Tell us about your blog.
2) If you’re a writer, what genre(s) do you write?
3) Are you looking for a critique partner?
4) Did you advertise the Halloween Haunting?

Then haunt at least 3 other the blogs of at least three other commenters

I’ve already discovered some new blogs and I’m excited about it! Happy Haunting!


8 thoughts on “Halloween Haunting

  1. Hello Melissa
    I have just found you via Theresa's blog and her 'happy haunting' post. Please consider yourself haunted – in the nicest possible way. 🙂

    I'm now following you.


  2. Hi Melissa, I saw your comment on Theresa's blog which I found through Heather Trese's blog…love how these things work!

    I write YA/Women's contemporary, too. I've got a few beta readers, but have been looking for a critique partner/small group.


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