Small Streets, Tiny Windows

As I was looking through photographs from a trip to Provence last November, I found a rather interesting trend. In all of the towns we explored, Montaureux, Aix-En-Provence, Nice, Cannes, Avignon, Marseilles, I had taken numerous pictures of tiny, narrow streets. The sun creeping up one side and shadows, on the other, crawling down to the cobblestone path.

There is something I feel when I see a small street, a little room, slivers of windows, tables pressed together in charming village restaurants. It is intimate, comforting, dark, close. I always think to myself who goes there? They are always the kind of secrets I want to know…


9 thoughts on “Small Streets, Tiny Windows

  1. Interesting, Melissa. In England we have lots of quirky, narrow streets and they are favourite photographic subjects. Our familiary with them doesn't reduce their charm for us. I think that it's partly because the narrowness means that part of the street is in shadow and that lends an air of mystery. In a very narrow street there is also an sense of intimacy from the buildings being close together, yet at the same time, secrecy from window blinds and closed doors.

    I also think that the proximity of the buildings comforts us in some way, like being in a wood. It's the direct opposite of agoraphobia (fear of open spaces).

    Love your photos.


  2. Gorgeous pics. I want to go to Ireland this summer. *fingers crossed*

    Europe has got to be a MOST lovely, storybook kinda place to visit.

    So different from this country. Those streets just invite you to walk down them. 🙂


  3. I think the lack of space is the cause for the narrow roads and secret alleyways in Europe. It always amazes me that there are wonderful little shops and tea rooms hidden out of the way and that they are quite full of customers. 🙂


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