(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Pages Underground

I was standing in a crowded subway car and in every direction I turned, I saw this. There are people that say we are reading less, that the magazine, the newspaper, the book…they are all dying. I don’t see it here. I never do.


5 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Pages Underground

  1. Great (nearly) Wordless Wednesday. You should have tried to photo the front covers of the books, so we could see what they were reading; I love being nosey!

    It's good to see that people are spending their commute to work, with their noses in a book.


  2. Spangle: It was difficult enough getting these shots in the subway! People were looking at me very suspiciously. These were some of the titles I saw: Jonathan Franzen's “Freedom”, one of the Hunger Games books (it looked like Mockingjay but it didn't have a cover so I wasn't sure). One of the HP books was being read on the kindle. And Stieg Larson's “The girl who played with fire”


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