E is for Eatin’

It should be noted that most of my life revolves around food. If I’m not eating, I’m thinking about where, when, and what I’m going to eat next. Ever since I got my smart phone (it’s an Android for those keeping track) I’ve taken a lot of pictures of the food Tyler and I cook. People ask me why on earth I do this and what purpose it serves. Well. Would you look at that? It now has a very specific purpose! It’s going on the blog!


Guinness Meat Pie

Homemade grilled pizza with arugula, ricotta, & goat cheese

Braised short ribs. 6 hours to cook. 2 minutes to eat.

Chocolate pecan pie

Homemade mozzerella (my hands were practically on fire at this point, that water is hot!)

Lebanese couscous with tomatoes, feta, and olives

13 thoughts on “E is for Eatin’

  1. Yum! Some of my best childhood memories revolve around good food. I thought about blogging 'e' is for eating too for the A-Z challenge. But then I decided to try to stick with things which are in my trilogy instead.


  2. GAH! I'm starving and I come to visit my pal, Melissa (Who happens to be letter ahead of everyone. hehe) and what do I see?? FOOD! Helloooo! I was expecting recipes. Still waiting… šŸ™‚


  3. Wow! you cook as well as writeI This is not me being facetious – only that I have not managed both. If I cook, I feel a poen coming on and the food is forgotten … and sometimes burnt!
    I am impressed.


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