I is for Imaginary Friend

when I was a little girl, I had an imaginary friend named Megan. And she had a pretty elaborate backstory. She lived next door and had a brother named David. She often left her house to sleepover at my house because her parents were having some turmoil and she liked the security of our house better. David often wanted to join us for sleepovers and, sometimes, did. He had to sleep on the floor. But Megan and I slept on bunkbeds (note: in reality, I had a twin bed.)

Megan came out mostly at night or when I was playing in my room by myself. She didn’t make huge appearances at dinner or outside of the house. My parents say that there was some mention of her but she wasn’t a constant presence.

What I mostly remember about Megan was that she was responsible for a lot of activity with my toys and stuffed animals. I had actually designated many of my toys as her’s. To this day, there are some books at my parents house which have a jacket cover that reads:

This book belongs to ___________.

More often than not, Megan is the name filled in.

I am curious how many of you had imaginary friends when you were children? (Or as adults…I won’t judge 😉


7 thoughts on “I is for Imaginary Friend

  1. I had brother/sister imaginary friends, too! Dora and Pan, haha. My older brother didn't have a friend exactly, but he used to play basketball against “the Invisible Team.” Best part is, when he played them, and I ran races against Dora and Pan – my brother and I LOST! Now we joke that we were prepared for reality and never thought we were the best thing out there, but I DO wonder what we thought at the time – why couldn't we win? It's all imaginary!

    allison writes


  2. @mooderino – haha
    I've had some internet friends for 10 years now who I've never met! It does make you feel a little crazy.

    I had an imaginary friend but not to the degree that she shared responsibility for toys and books. That's pretty sweet though; I think it shows a sense of concern for others that your things could be shared with a special pretend friend.


  3. I didn't exactly have an imaginery friend, but a doll that went everywhere with me. Ay school, when we had to write about what we did over the holidays/weekends, I would always write what the doll did and not me.

    My nephew however, had a proper imaginary friend. His was a dog, I can't remember it's name now. My nephew used to make my sister buy dog food for it, which secretly came over to us, to fed our real life dog.

    Some one even bought my nephew one of those joke dog leads, that make it look as if there is a dog on the end. He walked around with it all of the time until one day, he dropped it on the floor. When we asked him where the dog was, he replied 'He's run away' and that was the end of his imaginary friend.

    Sorry for the really long comment! Great post!


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