(Almost) Worldless Wednesday: Mood Board

I work with a lot of designers at my job. Sometimes, before they design a project, they create what they call a mood board. It’s a collage of color and style. It gives everyone a feel for the project. It creates a mood.

Over the weekend, I walked by this door. It wasn’t clear where it led. It looked like an entrance to a church, but the rest of the structure was solid grey and it didn’t have the customary steeple we so often see. There were no people. And no signs.

I thought…these flowers, this design, this color against concrete, this church but not quite church, an entrance to sanctuary and to peace and to nowhere, this is my mood board. Not the mood I’m in right now or the mood I might be in tomorrow, but the mood I want to live my creative life in, always.

What’s in your mood board?


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