I’m A Poemer

This post is to bring some sunshine to the famous Lenny Lee who always spreads sunshine wherever he goes.

Honestly, the idea of writing a poem gives me hives. Over the years I’ve been assigned poems to write in various classes. I’ve cried writing villanelles. I’ve had anxiety attacks while laboring over a cinquain. I don’t understand how to write poetry. I am a terrible poet.

However, my friend Krista and I coined the term poemer. A poemer is a person who writes poems. And, while I would never in a million years call myself a poet, I have no problem calling myself a poemer.

I went into the Melissa Files to find some poem-y things I had written for little preschool kids. They are meant to be sung. There may or may not be recordings of me singing them. I can neither confirm or deny that.

I thought I would share them with Lenny because they are fun and silly (and pretty bad). But they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and that’s what being a poemer is all about.

Friendship Song

Friendship is magic
That’s what I think
Friendship’s amazing
And that’s what I’ll sing
Great things can happen
When you’re with a friend
All kinds of magic
Again and again
I’m feeling happy
So much I can fly
Because when you have a friend
Magic can’t pass you by

Rhyming Song

Lumpity Dumpkin
Boppity Bumpkin
I love to rhyme all the time
Put words together
And hear how they sound
That’s what I call a great rhyme
Lumpity Dumpkin
Boppity Bumpkin
Doesn’t make sense all the time
Put words together
And hear how they sound

That’s what I call a great rhyme

You rock Lenny!

Are you a poet? If not, are you a poemer?

22 thoughts on “I’m A Poemer

  1. I am so with you on being a poemer instead of a poet. I like to write silly rhymes and raps a lot, but when I try to write “serious” poetry, I cringe! I like to keep it goofy.


  2. I can totally get on the poemer bus. I don't know technique, but the desire is there, so sometimes I run with it. Love you've coined a word for it! I know Lenny will love this! 🙂

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse


  3. I'm a poemer too,
    especially when I'm blue.

    I like to rhyme what I say
    Especially on Lenny Lee Day.

    He brings me all kinds of cheer,
    Lenny is our blogging dear…

    (Well, maybe I'm just a 'mer.)

    Great poem, Melissa…I know Lenny will love it.


  4. Well, I am both a poemer and a poet and it is something that is just in my being … and I loved your post and the Friendship Song.

    A really happy posting on a grey day, here!


  5. Man, girl, I'm telling you, you never cease to amaze me. You totally are the most fantastical Poemer, I have ever met! (I must be a poemer, too. (((hugs)))

    Love your post. And you too!


  6. I love both of them, Melissa! Writing poems also gives me the creeps, LOL. Your poem and song are beautiful!!!!! You are talented! HUGS to Lenny, you and all the bloggers who are spreading Lenny's sunshine today! 🙂


  7. Definitely not a poet, but I guess I can live with being a poemer — if that means writing a few okay poems (good enough to use with my 5th grade class) in a lifetime. I'm sure Lenny will enjoys these two!


  8. I'm definitely not a poet, but I wrote a poem for Lenny today, so I guess I'm a poemer! Yes, I'm much more comfortable with that then calling myself a poet. 🙂

    Hooray for Lenny!


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