Listening to Linda Eder makes me sublimely happy so I thought I would post this video today.
The song is Gold, from a musical I would give my right arm to see: Camille Claudel.
Unfortunately, the musical is this elusive thing, that existed for three weeks and there are currently no plans for it to run again. It’s about Camille Claudel, who was Rodin’s lover, muse, and a sculptor herself. I search for scattered pieces of this musical wherever I can find them.
I love this song because of Linda Eder’s incredible voice but, also, because of the lyrics (written by Nan Knighton) I feel it captures a lot of themes I want to explore when I write and read and live. It came up on my IPod once and I cried in the middle of a crowded subway car, it was so lovely. (Let’s not count how many times Melissa has cried on a subway car while listening to a random mp3 because that would be embarrassing.) I’m also slightly obsessed with Linda’s purple dress.

4 thoughts on “Gold

  1. This is such an uplifting and inspirational post, Melissa – the voice, the music, the setting … and the dress! My soul soared as I listened and my Sunday moved up a notch.

    Thank you!


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