Best Friends

Pat and my mother have known one another since they were infants. My mother’s grandmother lived in the same two-story home in Astoria, Queens as Pat’s grandmother…and so began three generations of friends.

When they are together, it is a flurry of high-pitched conversation and laughter. It is impossible to tell who is speaking. They yell over one another and still manage to know exactly what the other is saying. When our families got together over the years Pat’s son, Drew, and I always looked at one another across the kitchen table and wondered what in the world was happening.

Here they are in purple and blue at Drew’s wedding. Their friendship amazes me. It has lasted 64 years.

You look like sisters, I told them earlier in the night.

We are sisters, my mother said.


9 thoughts on “Best Friends

  1. I love those who have been friends for so long. I wish I had that sometimes. Someone who nows all your secrets, who you don't have to start over with. What an awesome friendship. They really do look like sisters!


  2. hi miss melissa! what a neat picture of two ladies thats been friends for their whole lives. wow! how cool is that! it got me feeling sooo good right down in my heart. for sure friends should be friends forever. 🙂
    …hugs from lenny


  3. Brilliant! It is wonderful when friendship is for life. Thank you for sharing this as I really value my own friends and friendship is always worth celebrating.
    Pat and your Mum look beautiful!


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