(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

My eyes are tired. Too much time in front of microsoft word documents or a library book. They need to rest. So I dream of this day in Cannes, even though it is colorless and hazy, about to rain.

I like how the stone and concrete mirror the condo towers along the water and the buildings up in the hills. Tiles of white and grey and all the spaces in between. I admire this man. Arms at his sides. Bundled. Waiting for the sun. Still. For just a little while.

7 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

  1. I want to be there too! I feel like I spend so much time in front of my computer that the sun rises and sets and I'm still here. Great post to remind me to get up and look outside, even if the sun is not shining.


  2. hi miss melissa! those blocks are pretty neat looking. they got me reminded of something but i cant think what. im thinking some kina candy. i hope that guys got a umbrella cause for sure he gonna get soaked out when it starts raining. but im thinking he doesnt much care. miss dianne got me laughing for wanting his back story. ha ha. i hope you have a fun weekend.
    …hugs from lenny


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