A Trip to the North Fork

Yesterday, Tyler and I left the city to visit the North Fork of Long Island. We will be getting married out there next May and there are wedding related things to care of but, to be honest, we took the trip to escape the city and enjoy the excellent food and wine the region has to offer.

We do not own a car so we rely most often on our feet to get us places. It felt like a luxury to rent a car for the day, to ride east next to that long yellow line.

We discovered 88.3, WBGO, the jazz station, and listened with great interest to a program called Singers Unlimited with Michael Bourne. I was pleasantly surprised to turn on the station at the exact moment Rosemary Clooney sang out ‘The Man That Got Away’ which is, oddly enough, a song important to Rabbit Island, the work in progress I am frantically editing away at– cutting and pasting and rewriting to get a framework worth working through.

I had forgotten what it was like to be in a car, to listen to the radio, to see a glimpse of something through glass and watch as it drifts away.

There were horses and farm stands, wine tastings and lunch beside the water. We found The Winemaker Studio, a little wooden tasting room where the winemakers in the region are selling their private labels. And when I learned what that meant, it took on even bigger meaning for me. Instead of making wine for the wineries and their owners, instead of adhering to the standards of an already established brand, they are making wine for themselves. And that’s interesting…that makes me want to know more…

And of course, any time there is a sign pointing the way to cheese, I am happy. I am in a kind of heaven.


6 thoughts on “A Trip to the North Fork

  1. Yummy cheese! … and lovely to share time together. I find it refreshing that your car journey was a treat as cars become just vehicles for many.
    I shall be back commenting at the end of the month.
    ¡Hasta luego!


  2. I'm with everyone else:….cheese. (Said in my best Homer Simpson voice.) I've done so much driving this summer, but I still love the excitement of getting in the car and taking a road trip!


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