This Is Where They Are

I took the day off to write and read. Today is my birthday, so I gave myself that gift.

I was desperate to get through a passage of my novel which I have been struggling with for weeks. So I sat down with it this morning and I knew what a mess it was. I could not understand why every paragraph started on the off beat, why each word came in on the wrong note.

I sat for a long time. I rearranged. I rewrote. But it still wasn’t right. Why couldn’t I be in that scene? What was it I couldn’t understand?

Then I said, “That’s it. I’m going there.”

I grabbed my notebook and a purple pen. I got on my bike. And I went to the pier.

It’s only a few minutes away. Why hadn’t I thought of it sooner?

I pictured all of my characters in the very place I sat. It was, after all, the exact setting I had imagined when I first wrote the scene.

And I wrote, far away from my little office, away from my computer. In these wild winds swooping across the pier. In the daylight. On paper. With a (gasp) pen.

And I thought: Yes. This is where they are. Exactly where I always imagined them being.

It was such a relief.


20 thoughts on “This Is Where They Are

  1. It's great when breaking your routine is rewarding! I wish I could enter the locations of the scenes I'm struggling with. I think that would be very helpful sometimes. Too bad it's all imaginary… 😦


  2. That's fantastic. I'm so glad the personal scene change helped. I bet your characters are amazingly happy right now.

    Happy Birthday. October is a fantastic month (I'm a little biased.


  3. Happy birthday, fellow Libra! (It's still Oct 20th here in L.A. — or, it will be for another four minutes.) This post is wonderful. I could feel your sense of “getting there” as the winds whipped around the pier.


  4. What a great birthday present, to get through the scene that's been bugging you!

    I also find it helpful to change my location when I'm struggling. I might not be able to go where my characters are, but I can get out of my “writing chair” and go looking for inspiration in some other place!


  5. I only just discover this post. I have been out most of the week and collapsing at night, and was just so glad I found out that it was your birthday in the nick of time.

    In any case, Miss Melissa. It is hard for me to think of you writing off note. But it is easy for me to picture you happy.

    Happy birthday again.



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