(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: The Hum, The Moving Forward

I found these abandoned trolly cars, on their track to nowhere, last week. I sat with them a long while. I’ve always been fascinated with trains. Not the mechanics but the feeling I get when I ride them.

I am unable to read or sleep while riding in buses, planes, and automobiles. But I feel at peace on the train. I can always write. Always read. Always drift off to sleep.

I think it is the hum. The moving forward.

I always thought, I’m going to fall in love on a train.

It didn’t quite happen that way. But it’s a nice thought.

Do you like trains?


15 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: The Hum, The Moving Forward

  1. I don't mind trains, but the ones I've been on are too modern and soulless to really fascinate me. I'd love to ride an old fashioned train again (Colorado has some mountain trains that still run on coal. I rode one when I was VERY little, but I barely remember it).


  2. I love trains. Living in the country as a child, I found there was little noise. But at some time during the night, the sound of a train traveling a few miles away would cut through the silence.
    Have been on several trains, but I like the old ones the best.


  3. I've never actually been on a moving train. My dad did take home the Shriner's Train. Well just the engine, not the whole thing. It sat in our front yard forever. I was in high school, and we lived on a main road, so I was a little embarrassed. But, I love trains, and I love to jump on one, and ride it across Europe.

    Love the picture.


  4. I've been taking the train a lot in England and LOVE IT. I've always wanted to take a train trip (I admit, I kind of have the “fall in love” idea too!) and am looking forward to it so much now after my train experiences here!


  5. hi miss melissa! i didnt ever ride on one of those big fast trains. i been on a real old one at stone mountain and its a old steam engine one with old cars and it goes all round the stone mountain park. it was soooo cool!
    …hugs from lenny


  6. I'm also a train fan! We started taking Amtrak to New York City (your neck of the woods!) from D.C., and I absolutely love the journey. So much less stressful than flying — in a hundred different ways. My boyfriend has always been fascinated by trains, too.


  7. I've only taken a couple of train trips but I loved them. I wish there was more opportunity to travel by train. So much nicer than flying, even if it does take longer!


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