‘Mister Rogers and Me’ and Creating Content That Is Deep and Simple

The lovely and talented Amy Kraft over at Media Macaroni alerted me to this film in a guest post: Beyond the Red Sweater, Mister Rogers and Me.

I eagerly anticipate its DVD release. (March 2012)

I think very seriously about the content I create for children. I always question the best way to release words and music and art into the world. I always think: these stories, these characters, are what inspire new stories, new characters. So I see it as a very important endeavor.

Fred Rogers dedicated his life to educating and inspiring young people (though he managed to inspire people of all ages.) And this quote from him, which inspired Benjamin Wagner, a real life neighbor of Mr. Rogers, to make the film, nearly took my breath away:

I feel so strongly that deep and simple is far more essential than shallow and complex.

I’m going to think about this. I want to figure out how to always create content with that in mind.


7 thoughts on “‘Mister Rogers and Me’ and Creating Content That Is Deep and Simple

  1. Ooh…I'm intrigued by this movie too. Your post makes me consider when we transition to complicated in the world of children. When will they be ready? Its gradual, but I see a desire for more complex (though not shallow) on the horizon.


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