The Very Best

In the past few months I’ve been restless and unsatisfied, thinking that I have to find a way to be a better person and live a better life. I’ve been wondering, what is next for me? What will happen? Will anything happen at all?

And so this time of year creeps its way towards me and I feel like an absolute fool. For thinking about next. And new. And better. Because all that is happening, all the now and here and today are so full. Bursting, really.

I will make a promise to myself and to you that I will stop. I will listen. And take a look. I promise to know, really know, that what I have at this moment is more than better. It’s the very best.

I send my love and gratitude to all of you. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Very Best

  1. hi miss melissa! for sure we just gotta just stop and look round at what we got now. but sometimes thats how we could know what we could do better or want that could make our life better. i hope you have a real nice and fun thanksgiving.
    …hugs from lenny


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