The Characters That Stay

Yesterday, a funny thing happened. Stuck wondering what to do with my novel, I thought back to another character I had abandoned years ago. She existed in another story with another set of lives.

But there are some characters that stay with you, that make you fall in love.

So I found a place for her, a small place, because she has always existed in small moments. And I was happy to have her because, my goodness, I needed her. It felt right that she changed everything, that she mended a little of what was broken.

Any abandoned characters you’d like to honor in the comments? Feel free. 🙂


9 thoughts on “The Characters That Stay

  1. I'm like Angie, have lots and lots of lines I had to chop, but I want to use them! There is one character that always comes creeping back to me, but I have yet to use him. He's just so perfect in his story, I'm not sure I see him anywhere else.


  2. I have a character whose name I changed after a few drafts and with the change his personality grew/expanded. So old character is just sorta floating in the universe somewhere…I always like to think of him “sacrificing” himself for the new guy 🙂


  3. I'm resurrecting one right now.
    A manuscript that I'd left in the dust almost a year ago.

    She's a bit spoiled, and a bit funny, and just seeking for something DIFFERENT.
    I love her 😀


  4. I haven't done this yet, but I've been working on a novel I wrote forever ago that I thought would end up being abandoned. But this character just screams for attention! I can't escape her. 🙂


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