Getting There

It’s the end of another year and I feel obligated to reflect.  To stop and do something I rarely do, look over my shoulder and see what I left behind.  But that’s difficult to measure.  That’s difficult for me to know.  Because, on the surface, very little happened.  From this day last year to this day, today, I live where I lived.  I work where I worked.  I love who I loved.  I suppose there is comfort in that.  Worlds can easily be thrown into upheaval.  I feel fortunate mine has not.

All this quiet, this stillness, however, has afforded a major shift in perspective.  I’ve been stirring inside.  I’ve been scheming, as always, in the dark.  And it would be hard for me to say that nothing has changed.  
I might say 2011 was about laying foundation.  I’m ready to say that 2012 will be about building. 
Last night, I had one of those endless, frustrating dreams. I was trying to hail a yellow taxi in New York City.  Not for me.  For a friend.  I stood on the corner, my arm out high, and I watched the cabs pass us by, one after the other.  No one stopped.
I remember the dream-me thinking that I had too great a responsibility to this friend.  Because the subway was not running.  I did not have a car.  The bus was headed downtown only.  The taxi was, obviously, a hopeless case.  The dream-me said, We’re not getting anywhere.
But the real-me knows better than that.      

4 thoughts on “Getting There

  1. I like that idea that you built your foundation this year! And I suppose it might seem you're getting nowhere if there's no visible structure above that foundation … but I'm glad you know better than that!

    Happy Building in 2012!


  2. Quiet years can be good. Besides, having read your blog this whole year, you are definitely moving forward in goals and things you want to accomplish and just simply enjoying the life you have.

    May 2012 bring you more good things!


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