(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: A New Year

For weeks all my photos have been trapped in the camera. I lost my memory card reader.  In other words, it was sitting quietly with all the other gadgets, right in front of my face. But it was not until I gave in and purchased another one that Tyler looked over and said, ‘Hey, look. It’s right there.’
So, I had been wanting to share my New Year’s day in Prospect Park.  For you to know me, really know me, you must know I am obsessed with trees.  To spend the first day of a new year with them (oh and Tyler) was, in my mind, perfection.
Because the access to the pictures didn’t quite match up with the day I say Happy New Year, again (waves).
And you have no idea, how much I wanted to join that boy in a tree. 

16 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: A New Year

  1. I LOVE trees. Especially the ones in your pictures. I'm glad you found the memory card. ;0)

    We have this street that we drive down every time we are headed downtown. It is lined on both sides with the huge absolutely gorgeous trees. I love looking at them in all the different seasons. It sucks because there is no way to actually get a picture of them in their full glory. The road has a guard railing and the traffic is always crazy.

    Thanks for sharing the pics.


  2. Fantastic! I just love the first photograph … it is just as if one is standing there experiencing the dizziness of looking up.
    As a child, I always headed for the trees on picnics, to hide in and to make homes in. I still love trees, which is why I love our garden full of trees.


  3. hi miss melissa! cool pictures. who said you gotta not climb trees cause your more old. i love climbing trees and im gonna still do it when im a zillion year old. now im gonna make you a challenge to go back at that park and climb that tree and tyler could do a picture of you. just do it!!! 🙂 wow! how cool would that be and lots of fun to. happy new year!
    …hugs from lenny


  4. The photo of the children in the tree reminded me of some of my favorite memories of times with my son. He loved playing in the cherry tree in our orchard. He would climb into the crook of it with his teddy bear, and I would sit underneath reading him stories and poems.

    Thanks for reminding me of that 🙂 A good way to start the year!


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