But It’s Snowing!

When I woke up this morning, I searched frantically for my glasses so I could run to the window and see this view of snow.
I have never considered snow bothersome.  
During childhood, it meant that I didn’t have to go to school.  In college, it meant I could sled down Libe slope.  When I lived in Boston, I was within walking distance of my graduate classes.  And as I entered the working world in New York City, I never worried about whether or not I could get to work.  The subway runs, my friends.  It. Always. Runs.  
I recognize that for some people snow is a real inconvenience.  I have never seen it that way.
So, this morning, I leapt down the stairs to look out the front door and my little two year old neighbor, Margot, came out in her pajamas.  
It’s snowing!  I told her, excitedly.
She came to the door with me, peeked her head out and said nothing.
Look at it!  Isn’t it pretty? Let’s go play in it! I said, silently praying that this dear child would give me an excuse to play in snow.
She turned her attention to her scooter in the foyer.  Do you like my scooter? she asked.
Yes.  I like your scooter.  But it’s snowing!  

I’m going to eat my breakfast.  
Well then.

9 thoughts on “But It’s Snowing!

  1. LOL. I know how that feels. We love snow in our house, but not everyone around us does.
    Currently, our area has more snow than usual, and I admit I'm not fond of the messy meltoff stage . . .but still, the snow is bright and beautiful.


  2. You don't need permission from a two year old, go out and play! 🙂 Being from Montana, snowy weather is just our reality about 8 months of the year and even then, I never miss an opportunity! Enjoy your snow day~


  3. Lisa, I like your attitude. How I wish I could see all the snow you have in Montana. I also wish we could frolic together in it! I certainly need a partner since the two year old is not biting…


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