From the Footbridge

I cross this footbridge (just one block from my apartment) at least twice a day.  It extends over a heavily trafficked highway, the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.  I’m sure that every time we cross we are taking minutes off of our lives as we inhale toxic fumes and take in all the noise pollution.
This church, however, gives me great joy.  I have never been inside.  But I’ve walked by and heard its song. 
No matter what mood I am in when I pass, the view yanks my chin upward.  There is something so majestic about the clock tower and that little sea foam gothic window. The steeple climbs so high, you can see it from across the river at Governor’s Island.  It marks the spot.  As I approach it at the end of each day, I know I am close to home.
I have taken a picture of this church from every possible angle.  I like this one best.

10 thoughts on “From the Footbridge

  1. Another beautiful photo! I've been toying with taking some pics around my lil' town and posting on my blog…although each would be accompanied with some story of high school hijinks (“Hah, this is the church parking lot where Billy drunk-puked on grad night!”).


  2. I have little landmarks I pass in my travels each day and, like you, they make me smile! This church is gorgeous, and I like what you said about knowing you're close to home. I often have that sort of feeling, too.


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