Toys and Puppies

I’m fuzzy today.  Nose stuffed, ears clogged, throat scratchy.  Most likely the result of every member of my team at work being sick.  

But it promises to be a whirlwind week because of New York City Toy Fair (massive sensory overload.) And it also happens to be what I have dubbed ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ (and I full-out sing the carol as I prance to Madison Square Garden) i.e. the week The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show comes to to town. 

I will be attending toy fair for work.  There are dinners, meetings, and hours spent walking the Javits Center floor.  I’ll also attend the dog show tomorrow, as I do every year, a most romantic Valentine’s date with Sudafed and tissues, trying to figure out how best to smuggle an Alaskan Malamute out the door.  Perhaps it is too emotional of a time for me to attend because I will still be reeling from the news that our landlords refuse to allow us to adopt a dog, which we were seriously considering, until they put the proverbial foot down just this past Saturday.

But we march on.

Every year these events fall within days of eachother.  This year they overlap.  It is an embarrassment of riches. 

Being overwhelmed with toys and puppies is not a bad way to live.   


14 thoughts on “Toys and Puppies

  1. I'm so sad you can't adopt a dog right now, but I really hope you can make that dream come true someday in the near future. And I hope you feel better and enjoyed the Dog Show – I loved watching it on TV.


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