Puppies and puppies and puppies, oh my!

We now take a break from our regularly scheduled blogging to…


(Just so you know, all dogs in my world, regardless of age or size, are referred to as puppies.)

These were taken in the benching area of the 136th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Puppy Show.

Not sure if you can see from the angle of the photo but this dog is about 3 of her.


This Samoyed, Hayley, had the softest fur. I almost stole her.

Long day for the Saint Bernard.
His name is Benson.
Don’t mess.

This dog can only take so many cuddles. Bored to death of ’em huh?

Long day for the Golden Retriever.

Toto dog being groomed for the Terrier Group.
I realize she’s not a puppy but she was sitting on the grooming table.


16 thoughts on “Puppies and puppies and puppies, oh my!

  1. CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Thank you for including us in this pup-tastic night. We had so much fun and Lucas loves his Purina Pro Plan treats. Next time we go we need to execute Operation Samoyed Kidnap.
    Ivy and Keith
    P.S. All the puppies look so tired because looking pretty takes a lot of work. Whew!


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