Snapshots Only

I’m working on a new novel.  I find myself in a strange position.  Each passage I’ve managed to write has been in the form of a snapshot.  As if I have to lift the camera and capture it quickly before the image disappears.

In other words, I’m only able to write moments.  Not scenes. 

If I didn’t know better, if the very thought of writing poetry didn’t cause me to break out into hives, I’d think I was writing a verse novel.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  It’s just…well…

Someone please.  Help. Me.


8 thoughts on “Snapshots Only

  1. I LOVE verse novels. But if they give you hives then maybe that's not the way to go. BUT if that is the way it's coming to you, roll with it. I'd just start putting each snapshot in your document and then they might all start connecting together. Snap shots are usually how I get a scene to begin with. I'm a very visual person.


  2. Are your snapshots fitting together to form a larger picture or scene? If so, go from there. Pick out a snapshot that you could build on and then really think about it. What would the characters do beyond this snippet of time? I think what you've come up with would be a great writing exercise when it comes to fleshing out a scene. Good luck!


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