Celebrating The Fish

I’ve been feeling ‘meh’ lately, lonely, disconnected from people, frazzled, a little over-programmed.  My life has become very structured.  A full work-day, then time at the gym five days a week. I return home, cook, eat later than I would like (around 9:30pm), write something, anything, sleep, repeat.  Through this I’ve been planning a wedding, force-feeding agents one novel, researching another.  
It’s getting to be a bit much.  I miss people.  I miss lounging.  Sleeping.  I’m re-evaluating.  Everything.
A few weeks ago, I decided I would plan a short trip to DC to rejoin the living and visit my friend Rebecca (better known as Becky.  Sometimes known as the Fish.)
She expects a blog post out of it.  As she should. One of the first and most dedicated readers of this blog, she deserves one.
We biked through Rock Creek Park. (You didn’t expect me to go on a trip and not take a photo of the trees, did you?)

We listened to live jazz.

And fell in love with a giant teddy bear singer named TQ.

She cooked Indian food.

Then put together a puzzle while I organized the pieces by color. Puzzles are, uh, not my strong suit.

As we killed a bottle of wine, my brain in a fuzz, I remembered something random.
“Once you told me you loved Bette Midler and then we listened to her albums on repeat. This is when I knew I adored you.”
“Tell everybody that,” she requested.
So I am.  

6 thoughts on “Celebrating The Fish

  1. Sounds like a fun and relaxing weekend. We all need a break now and then, that's for sure, and I sometimes get frustrated with the monotony of my own days, too. But it's all right. All things are in transition, all things will change… that is what I remind myself, whether I like it or not.

    (And next time you're in D.C., let me know — like Jennifer above, I will also sneak by to say hi! That's what's so great about blogging — having friends in every corner of the country.)


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