Through The Trees

It’s been a warm winter in New York City.  Too warm, some argue.  We were blanketed with white only once and it melted hours later.  March has, so far, refused to live up to its fate. It has come in like a lamb. 

Yesterday, I left the office in the middle of the day to read.  Maybe a little reckless of me.  But.  Well.

I sat at Madison Square Park and was struck by all you could see through the trees.  It is the best thing about winter.  The view it affords.  With trees in bloom, I would not be able to see the Empire State Building, the clock tower, or building tops dipped in gold.

Later that evening, I walked to Bryant Park before attending a late night recording session for work. And again, I could see the New York Public Library and buildings soaring into sky just before the sun dropped. 
I’ll try to remember the relief of this winter, next winter, when I’m stuck inside, when I’m shivering while waiting for a train.  I’ll try and look up and remember that bare trees allow us to see so much more.

12 thoughts on “Through The Trees

  1. I love seeing pictures of my former city. It's changed so much since I was there (1975-90). Bryant Park used to be really dicey! Then again, my monthly rent on 110th Street was less than $200.


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