You Know You Work In Children’s Media When…

1. You schedule a phone call to discuss the logical flow of a preschool classroom that ends in an argument as to whether or not you eat lunch or go to recess first. (Lunch first, of course!)

2. You become involved in an epic, in-depth conversation about your favorite Disney Princesses. And when you share the fact that you spent an evening (okay several) perfecting your rendition of the dramatic opening of Belle’s ‘Provincial Life’ in Beauty and the Beast, and wonder how it’s possible to do all the townspeople’s parts as well as Belle’s, no one flinches.  In fact, they express jealousy and add it to their to-do lists.

3. You label ‘being unable to find Dora The Explorer’s hairbrush’ a toy emergency.

Ever step back like that?  Where am I? I ask.  I can not answer.


9 thoughts on “You Know You Work In Children’s Media When…

  1. Your job sounds so fun!

    Last time I worked out of the hosue was at a newspaper. The only things we discussed were crimes and whether or not ads from strip clubs showed too much skin. Not exactly uplifting 🙂

    And, yes, lunch first!


  2. Haha this sounds like the best job! I teach an art class for mentally handicapped adults right before lunch and about 30 minutes beforehand, they all say “I'm hungry!” and I have to tell them lunch is still half an hour away… Painting would probably be better after lunch, just like recess.

    In my design job, I have to make art with the Disney princesses. For some reason I never learned their real names, besides Belle and Ariel, so when someone tells me to add Aurora I have to go ask our tech guy which is which. He CLAIMS he knows because he has daughters, but I think he's frontin'.


  3. sounds familiar to me! lol.. not my “job” but as a stay at home mom, i find myself in endless conversations about things like this!


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