Cyrille Aimee and A Crowded Mind

My mind is crowded these days. If I’ve been out of sorts, I apologize.  I’ve been pushing myself really hard and if I’m not pushing, if I’m sitting for even just a moment, I am angry with myself for not pushing far enough forward, and it’s strange and exhausting and I’m working on this part of me that can’t sit still, can not relax, I swear I am, but working on it is, in reality, just another thing to do.

(Is this making any sense?) (I’ve been asking that a lot lately. In metaphorical and real parentheses. Like this.)

Tonight is what I’ll call ‘working on it’.  I’ll see one of my favorite singers, Cyrille Aimee.  I LOVE her voice, I love to be in it for the time it takes to step inside and I can not wait to see her live for the first time.

I rarely click on videos when people post them .  I’m not sure why.  But I hope you’ll click on this video, because you don’t have to watch it, there’s nothing to see, you just have to listen while you run off and do other things.

Maybe you’ll like to listen to Cyrille (we’re on a first name basis, I’ve decided) as much I do.


6 thoughts on “Cyrille Aimee and A Crowded Mind

  1. Oh no! I cannot get it to load and work. Never mind … I shall try again later as I would love to hear this.
    Don't panic about pushing. Things come to you better if you relax into them …. and what a lot of years it took me to realise that!!
    Thinking of you!


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