Tomatoes From Seed: Progress

I continue to attempt to grow tomatoes from seed. Last I wrote, the seeds had germinated and I was waiting for true leaves.

They have been upgraded from the recycled egg carton to the plastic tumbler cups.  When temperatures allow, I adjust them to the outdoors. I bring them back to the sill.  I sing to them because I am told that helps and, besides that, they don’t appear to mind listening. The roots nudge, impatiently, and their space grows smaller and mine diminishes too.

I’ll move them to proper pots, to full sun.  I’ll witness their progress and hope it’s a bit like viewing my own.


8 thoughts on “Tomatoes From Seed: Progress

  1. That is impressive Melissa! I should grow tomatoes, they grow beautifully in my climate. But I always forget to water them. I've killed everything I TRY and grow. I do have wild black berries growing in my yard. I love them because the just grow no matter what I do 🙂


  2. You brave woman! I have a garden and I've NEVER grown tomatoes from seed, I cheat and buy HUGE plants already halfway grown from our local nursery…sh! Don't tell!!
    They are looking beautiful!


  3. I love your window garden — and am enchanted by it, really. I keep trying (to no avail) to convince my boyfriend to let me start a window garden in one of his many apartment windowsills, but I'm still waiting for the okay! I'm convinced I need succulent cacti in my life . . . hope your tomatoes continue to flourish!


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