Progress: The Tallest

It is the building to the left of the flowering purple. (I had to find a way to mark it.)

I live near the waterfront, along the East River, just before Brooklyn hooks and bends. I run this route very often, over and over again, to the Brooklyn Bridge and back.  It is hard to tire of the Manhattan skyline.  There is nothing like it.  When I come home from time away, when I sit in traffic on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway or dip down into Laguardia or Kennedy airport, this is what I see.  It never fails to take my breath away.

This morning, when I ran, I decided to bring my camera and stop for a photograph.  Because it is official.  On Tuesday the Freedom Tower became the tallest building in Manhattan.  It has crept past the Empire State Building and it will grow taller still.

This, I think, is progress.  Slow. Steady. Unseen. And then, one day, a day like any other, chin-yanking, heart-stopping tall.


7 thoughts on “Progress: The Tallest

  1. Yeah, sweet picture. I find the Manhattan skyline to be breathtaking, especially when atop the Empire State building. Every time I spend a couple of weeks in NYC the time flies by, but I always have a wonderful time.


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