On Getting Married and Biking To Work (What? You Don’t See the Connection? Me neither.)

This weekend Tyler and I will be getting married on the North Fork of Long Island.  We will be surrounded by the people we love.  We will celebrate with wine and food.  We will start a life together and I think…it will be a good one.

After that we will travel to Northern Spain, a trip we’ve saved our hard-earned pennies for but one we never quite took the time to plan.  We have a place to stay, a car for exploring, and one reservation at an insanely-priced restaurant. Beyond that, I don’t know…  But not knowing is what makes it fun.

There are, of course, many emotions that come with weddings and marriage. I don’t want to sort them out here.  I just want to say how lucky I feel right now.

I’ll be signing off the internet until June.  However! Next week, on the blog, will be a week of No-Read Stories for you. I’ve always loved to take pictures and, whether you know it or not (have I mentioned this?  I’ll mention it now) I have you to thank for encouraging me to take even more (much to Tyler’s chagrin.)  Because you tell me you like them.  They help me sort out story and I’ve seen some interesting things I’ll post here.

Beyond that, I want to encourage you to make plans to bike to work this Friday, May 18th! It is National Bike To Work Day.

I know many of you live in areas of sprawling land and plains (how I envy you) so it may not be possible for you.  Maybe you don’t even own a bike.  But if you can find a bike, I hope you will take it out to work or the grocery store or just around the corner.

Biking is my passion because it reminds me of childhood, of simpler times, of being happy and free on my bicycle with sparkle streamers falling from my handlebars and tick-tock popper thingys in my spokes.  I guess National Bike To Work Day is about exercising, about reducing your carbon footprint, about seeing the land you live on in another way and all that good stuff, but, for me, it really just means taking a day…to be a kid.  I hope you will honor May 18th that way, in a way you see fit.

And the next time you hear from me, I’ll be freaking married.


14 thoughts on “On Getting Married and Biking To Work (What? You Don’t See the Connection? Me neither.)

  1. I didn't realize you were getting married so soon, how exciting!!! Congratulations!! Have a lovely day (and life together beyond the wedding, of course), honeymoon, and break from the usual world! Can't wait to hear all about it when you're back.


  2. Congratulations – have a wonderful, wonderful weekend and honeymoon. My husband lived in Spain for two years and we've always wanted to go back. Take lots of pictures 🙂 and have an amazing, restful adventure. Here's to married life!


  3. Hip hip hooray! A very hearty (early) congratulations to you and Tyler. May you have many lovely (and literary) years together! Can't wait to read all about the big day and hope to see photos. xo


  4. Oh, Melissa, SO MANY congratulations!! Your plans sound wonderful and I hope you have a marvelous trip and a lovely wedding. Hooray!!

    My husband bikes to and from work every day. 🙂 When we lived in China we biked everywhere, kids in tow. I really miss those days. We lived in a flat city and it was easier. Here, I don't think I could make it up the hill with five kids in a trailer. ha ha!

    See you when you get back! Enjoy yourself!


  5. SWEET!!! congrats. i bet by now you are married.
    hey, i think i mentioned this to you, but when i visit your site on firefox, it doesn't allow me to leave a comment, so i usually don't go to the trouble to revisit in safari-

    can't wait to hear about the wedding.
    and then the married life!
    congrats! congrats!


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