Mostly Here

I’m back from Spain, gone from narrow, yellowed streets, lazy cafe days.  I’m married.  In a daze.  But mostly here.  I have many stories to share, on being a ‘bride’, on all I saw in Spain, on writing, on books, on life. I will share them in the coming days.

After that short break, I’m writing again, with more energy than I have in months.  They say writing is re-writing and that is what I’m up to.  And it is refreshing to leave the blank page, re-write with characters and places I know deeply, the ones I already have in my heart.

I have many photos to show you (you’ll all kill me, I know, if I don’t post one of me as a bride and I will) but this is the one I most wanted to share.  The very first thing I saw in Spain. This carousel in San Sebastian. These trees, which I call dancing trees, with the way they link arms, lean, and swirl. It reminds me of my book, my book, (a book I’ve all but abandoned in recent months) Rabbit Island.  So I wanted to share.

Tell me. Where are you…with your writing, your life, now that summer is here (or almost here)?  What did I miss?


13 thoughts on “Mostly Here

  1. Mazel tov, Melissa. Oops, sorry. Congratulations on your marriage and what sounds like a wonderful honeymoon. Can't wait to see pics. I just got home from vacation and the writing just isn't happening yet, but I have hope that it will begin flowing very soon.


  2. Congrats! On the wedding and on writing again!

    I took my three year old on a carousel. He cried the whole time and screamed for his daddy to come save him. All the other parents were giving me looks that made it plain they thought I was the Worst. Mother. Ever. Good times.


  3. Congratulations and yes — we want to see a picture of you as a bride!!! It sounds as if you had a wonderful honeymoon.

    And welcome back!

    It will be a miracle if I can get this to post. Blogger has outdone itself with the evilness of its Word Verification.


  4. Welcome back, and congratulations again! Yes, you absolutely must share a photo (or twenty?) from your wedding. I'm sure it was a lovely, unforgettable day.

    As you know, I'm fighting jet lag myself and trying to gear up for returning to work tomorrow . . . I really don't feel ready. I feel like quitting my life, packing everything up and moving to Yosemite. John Muir is my new hero. I just want to wander in the mountains, wanting and longing for nothing.


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