A Child, A Woman, A tree

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t know anything real about photography. I only have a point and shoot camera. I don’t know how to use a flash so I avoid it at all costs. And I have no idea how to edit a photo once it’s been taken.  But I love, love to take photos because they help me see the world so I can imagine it better when I sit down to write.

Most of the time, when I see a photo I took, I don’t like it. I think, it doesn’t look the way it really looked.  I often find that dissatisfying. Very rarely do I think, this is exactly how it looked.

While in Spain, we discovered that I love to take pictures of three very distinct things:

1. Children
2. The elderly
3. Trees

So…I give you three photos that I think look the way they really looked. My medley.  A child. A woman. A tree.


9 thoughts on “A Child, A Woman, A tree

  1. They are beautiful. Someday I want to be a fabulous photographer too – there is time for both of us 🙂 You have an eye for what is beautiful and captured it well. I often take pictures of people I don't know (my husband loves this trait of mine).


  2. Love that child photo, and even that lady w/the beret. Great shots there. Gorgeous tree! Thanks for sharing, Melissa! Spain must've been divine~ :o) ❤


  3. I know exactly what you mean regarding photos not really reflecting what you actually saw, and that's what finally drove me to purchase a DSLR (Canon Rebel, in my case). I love, love, love photography and got so frustrated by my point-and-shoot's limitations. Maybe you'll be due for an upgrade soon. 🙂

    That being said, so much of photography is developing your own tastes, palette and perspective. And it looks like you've got that down! I really like the shot of the older woman — her facial expression is so telling. And I like that the young man and others behind her are bustling past, seemingly oblivious to her presence. Like she's being left behind. Very interesting.


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