Small Damages by Beth Kephart: A Giveaway!

So happy-happy (because sometimes it is not enough to say it once) to celebrate the release of Beth Kephart‘s new book Small Damages.

My thoughts on this beautiful book are here.

The New York Times Book Review gave it this gorgeous review.

Beth has been a great friend and teacher to me, in this writing life, in this life-life. Her books are also great friends and teachers. I like to keep them on my over-stuffed shelves. I learn so much from every sentence.  I can’t wait for everyone to experience the beauty that is this book, Spain and its characters, life full to bursting.

I am giving away a copy of Small Damages to one lucky commenter.  I’ll announce the winner on July 26th.  Just leave a comment below!


13 thoughts on “Small Damages by Beth Kephart: A Giveaway!

  1. I've read only Beth's blog but I did want to try read one of her books and your review sounds intriguing, so enter me in the giveaway.

    have a sweet day.


  2. wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. this comes as a gigantic surprise. what the heck are you doing, Sarno? Thank you SO much, and here I am running out to a circus with my boy!!!! So I can't stop and thank you properly, but soon I will, I promise. xo b


  3. You gave a great review. It sounds like something my messy mind could use right now. “But, I believe, it takes even more courage to walk away from who you are in order to find out who you can be.” I'm doing this right now. I feel brave and strong one day and feel like crying the next. Rinse and repeat. It's tough to cut ties to who you know to be and create what you want to be. The past is a very comfortable place.


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