This is our friends’ daughter, Little A, at the Central Park Zoo.  Truly amazed by all winged creatures. Birds. Penguins. Even bats.  Her face in total awe.  She looks at the world and it is new to her.  

Following her example, I look closer and decide it should be new to me.

I think, this is how I should write, as if I’ve never seen anything. As if I’m looking at the world for the very first time.

5 thoughts on “New

  1. This sounds silly because your post is deeper than a TV show, but sometimes I like re-watching 3rd Rock from the Sun because the writers did an excellent job of making the world seem new to “aliens,” and had interesting ways of interpreting customs that are so common to us. It makes me question why things are how they are, and try to put my own unique spin on explanations.


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