Loving Lately

Every Monday the lovely Catherine Denton shares what she is Loving Lately and she is encouraging others to do the same. I love the idea and she inspired me to go for it.  I hope you’ll hop over to her blog and share a link to what you love too. 

So here’s what I’m loving lately:

Lil A. My friends daughter, who, at three months old, took her first subway ride to visit our home.  I love that she is soft and warm and new.  I love her mother– and her father– but especially her mother because we lived as roommates for years. We knew one another when we hoped to have the things we have now. And I know how lucky Lil A is to have her.

New York City. For making me angry and sweaty and overwhelmed. For being louder and more crowded than I like. For inspiring me to look harder, discover deeper. For being more beautiful and alive than I can ever imagine.

Summer. For being purple. Vibrant. Green.  

What are you loving lately?


11 thoughts on “Loving Lately

  1. As I sat on the floor of my tiny kitchen yesterday, cutting corn off the cob (I was on the floor b/c my sliver of counter space was in use), I was loving that I know so many people with gardens and I have lots of fresh veggies to eat now and more in the freezer that I can pull out when the weather gets cold.

    Also, I love that my town fixed whatever issue there was with my water and it no longer smells like sewage b/c that was mega gross 🙂


  2. Oh, wow, beautiful. What am I loving lately? My daughter just left for college, and I am loving the fact that she is about to enter adulthood and establish her own life. Scary. But I'm loving it too. 🙂


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