Campus In the Rain

Sometimes I click to see the live view of the Cornell University campus. Today, I see that the sky is vaguely pink. That the sun skids past cloud and hits McGraw Tower.  A figure walks the path and disappears and my August heart aches to follow.

It rains in Ithaca. A lot. And, yet, I don’t remember how it felt to clutch an umbrella on the brink of Libe slope.  I don’t remember the slosh of rainboots or socks hung to dry.  I remember cold, sure. The way it itched at my scarf and left us raw.  I remember the sun’s stammer, how we clung to its brief note.  But Ithaca, in its steady, constant, reliable stretch of rain. This, I don’t remember.  This, I never see.

Cornell as I see it


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