Strangely Quiet

All is quiet and strange here in South Brooklyn after the storm.  I woke today to find our street untouched but for a few broken tree limbs.  Then I walked our neighborhood to find enormous trees overturned, Red Hook boarded and broken, trapped under water, and the toxic Gowanus canal overflowing.

Today I feel very fortunate.  We live on the waterfront, tucked in between the New York harbor and that canal.  It is a wonder that the ground slopes just right, to leave us elevated enough to reside in “Zone B”, to escape what so much of this city has not.
Our offices are uncharacteristically silent and unreachable. Water has filled the subway tunnels. So the underground veins of New York City, it’s lifeline, are empty.  There is no coming or going.  There is no timeframe for repair because there is no precedent.
My window looks out towards the harbor. In the distance I can see downtown Manhattan. Tonight, it is  completely dark.  
I am thinking of those who have lost so much.

11 thoughts on “Strangely Quiet

  1. Melissa, I'm glad you are doing well. I have been watching all the news bulletins throughout the day, praying for those affected. Thanks for your post, reflecting what so many must be thinking and feeling at this time.

    God Bless.


  2. Melissa, I saw your pictures on Facebooks — and I also saw pictures of the flooded subways and submerged parking garages on the news. Unbelievable. They look like they ought to be part of some post-apocalyptic movie.

    Thinking of you and everyone in the city who have lost their homes or their livelihood.


  3. quiet & eerie and today's halloween. I, too feel fortunate that there's very little damage to my area & glad to hear many, including yourself, that are doing okay. I think NY is not NY without the noise and all the rushing and going but I think we'll make it through, if not slowly.

    hope you have a good day.


  4. I've been thinking of you. Glad you are safe. The CNN coverage is so sad – 80 homes in Queens – and how does NY go on without subways? Of course it will. Take care!


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