(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Quartet

The first long work I ever wrote (a screenplay) took place on these waters. It was the fate of the computer Gods that I lost everything I’d ever written between a five year period, including the backup to the backup, so I have no physical proof that the dozen drafts of this story ever existed.

Still, I think of the characters often.  My memory has erased a lot of extraneous plot. What I have left inside me is only a set of two homes, side by side on this harbor.  Inside one: two friends who come from very different backgrounds.  Inside the other: two sisters who do not leave.

When I saw these twin trees, the stillness of these unbreakable waters, I thought of this quartet of characters, how they wait for me.


8 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Quartet

  1. Oh, I'm cringing…I know that feeling of losing everything. But it is funny how what you're left with is the real soul of the story. I know of authors who throw away their first drafts as a matter of course!


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