This Month

This month, my novel is in trusted hands. I have a new novel on a slow, long simmer. I’m excited about it (so excited) but it needs time to breathe. So I’ve decided to write with more freedom and experimentation. I want to try new things.

This month, I thought, I’ll write for me and only me.  I’ll imagine a story the way I have to imagine it.  Which is: each frame, the flicker of moving film.  I’ll hear the story the way I need to hear it.  Which is: each line, the measure of a song.

In a way, I’ve always written to music and pictures.  I imagine a scene in my mind first, then feel the rhythm of the words. And all the revision (so. much. revision) is working towards that original moving, breathing, melody.

I’m starting a new project.  For me and only me (as someone who spends hours a day writing for a whining corporate giant, I feel I must reiterate this.)  There are new ways to experience story, to physically interact with it.  And I’ve got ideas.

What are you working on this month?  


4 thoughts on “This Month

  1. Your idea sounds good to me. I am rewriting an old manuscript. I deleted ALL previous versions in order to start fresh and not “borrow” any sentences, paragraphs, or chapters from the old. I will write it for me. I have already written it for everyone else (and they didn't like it–LOL).


  2. Yea! Glad your novel is in trusted hands…that is exciting. I'm on a personal deadline to finish (once again) my first novel that was shelved for over a year. I've got to give it one more go and send out another round of queries. And then I can feel happy I really did do everything I could think of!


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