When I woke up yesterday I was like a child, went straight to the window to see what magic the night storm had brought.  There were, maybe, ten inches of snow and New Englander Tyler scoffed, that’s nothing, but the kids were outside whooping and dragging sleds and the shovels scratched across the sidewalks and I insisted we go to Prospect Park to see it pure.  
I expected to see the long wide meadows of Prospect Park in a sheet of white, but I had forgotten that this oasis is also made of narrow, wandering trails, so we found ourselves inside this wonderland.  
Here in the middle of concrete Brooklyn.  


6 thoughts on “Wonderland

  1. So pretty! We got over two feet of snow here in Southern CT–my parents half an hour away had 40 inches! Unfortunately, my camera is broken, so I only managed to get one picture–yours are gorgeous!


  2. How beautiful to see those sights right in the middle of the city! We got nothing but rain and flurries down in southeastern PA, but I was actually in the Poconos for the storm. They only got 8 inches, though. Just enough to have to shovel the car out.

    But we happily skied on it.


  3. Just gorgeous, especially that last shot! There's something about snow that brings out the child in all of us. Hope you're all nice and toasty up there! We got only rain down here in D.C., but I vividly remember the two and a half feet we were walloped with in February 2010. The snowpocalypse isn't something one soon forgets!


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