Life’s Leaps

Often, I look around and realize the beautiful things my friends are doing.  What they’re bringing to the world with their passion and energy.  As I prepare to take my own risks in this life, I’ve been holding my breath, waiting to exhale and leap.  Then I see these people jumping and it makes me want to swing my arms back a little more and go.

My dear friend Allison at Allison Writes is embarking on a brave and bold project called We Are Storytellers.  I hope you’ll follow her journey here, as she encourages adults with intellectual, physical, and developmental disabilities to tell their stories. I’m really proud to know Allison and I think you will be too.  

I wonder, who is inspiring you, lately, to take life’s leaps?


6 thoughts on “Life’s Leaps

  1. What a great thing! And what a great reminder. We do take a lot of leaps in life. I'm just about to take a teensy one . . . telling a story that I'm not sure I can do justice. Why are these leaps so scary? 🙂


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