Today the trees look like shattered sky. I know this desire to bloom, to become.

Lately, I’ve wondered if I’ve been looking so hard, I can not see.


4 thoughts on “Blooming

  1. Oooooh, like shattered sky! Love that!

    I can relate to looking so hard and not being able to see. It's exciting to feel the creative stirrings within me, like I'm just a season away from “becoming” but at the same time it feels like it's all soooo far away out of reach. Such is life, I suppose.

    Beautiful picture. I often try to identify trees in the winter by the shape, weight, and size of their branches, but I can't tell what those are.


  2. What a beautiful blue sky, and a stunning view of the trees!

    I know the feeling of looking so hard I can't see … spent weeks doing that trying to come up with a series plan. When I stopped looking, it came to me.

    Of course, it hasn't been approved …


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