I have an agent! no really. it’s true.

Happy news to share today, news I have been waiting to share with all of you who follow along here:

I have an agent!

I will be working with the amazing Michelle Andelman from Regal Literary!

She tells me she loves my book!

She instructed me to follow a pink bird (the agency’s logo) to her offices so I felt like I was following a magic bird to a secret garden!

She has made me so, so, enormously happy with her intelligence, thoughtfulness and kindness.

And, most importantly, she wants to share this journey with me.

I can not stop smiling.

Of course, there are stories to share and I will share them.  Of course, this is only the beginning of a longer, more difficult (and exciting!) journey.  But it is the beginning of something and I feel it is important for me to thank all of you.

In the years since I’ve been blogging, this space has been the space of my writing life. I went from having a handful of people read this blog, to meeting some of the most treasured friends I have. All of our correspondence and conversations have, truly, made an impact on my writing.  In all this time I’ve written a few books and received many (many) more rejections, and, it has been no small thing to open my inbox to an alert from a commenter and friend. These comments and emails have always made me think I might have a story to tell and there may even be someone listening. I am not exaggerating or being melodramatic when I say that many of you are the only reason I continue to try and tell any story at all.

So. Thank you.

Now I dance at my desk. : )


20 thoughts on “I have an agent! no really. it’s true.

  1. I was so happy when I saw the title of this post! Most definitely the beginning of something amazing for you, Melissa! Congratulations! I can't wait to hear more as the details unfold! 🙂


  2. Holy cow, girl! I go away on vacation for one week and all kinds of wonderful happens. 😀 CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm beyond thrilled for you. But after reading your blog for some long, and the snippet of your writing that you shared, I'm not in the least surprised. *Happy Dances in the room*


  3. Melissa, A huge heartfelt congrats! I have to apologize and explain my absence. When we connected a while back I *thought* I subscribed to your blog, meaning I went through the actual motions of subscribing but I suppose I did not complete the transaction. And the times you have visited my blog since then, I have been so happy to hear from you, and I assumed that you hadn't posted anything recently. And then, I was like, hmmm… “maybe I did something wrong and that's why I'm not seeing her in my reader.”

    So now I am subscribed and I am reading (in reverse order) and catching up on your blog and your life! Yay for you!


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