My Writing Tree

So, this is my writing tree.  I don’t sit under it, with my back scratching up against the bark. I sit next to it and, if I opened the window, I could touch the leaves.

In the winter, when it’s bare, that space of white you see in the upper left, is the Manhattan skyline, and I can see the crisp edge of lights from the Freedom Tower. I can see the neighbor’s terrace across the way and I watch as they move their plants from behind the sliding doors and, another day, back again, in a ritual I can not understand. I wonder, as I watch, if they see me, laptop balanced on my knees, my back propped against a pillow my mother knitted me.

But now my tree is green with a few patches of brick against the spine of each branch. When the sky is crayon blue it looks like someone painted it just for me.

What do you see from where you are?


7 thoughts on “My Writing Tree

  1. Sadly, my apartment is nearly windowless, which seems even sadder b/c it used to be a doctor's office. Isn't sunlight good for people?

    There is a high window in my kitchen, which I can see from my desk and the only thing it shows is the sky, which is actually really nice, especially when it's bluer than blue.


  2. Such a nice tree, thought the Manhattan skyline sounds like a pretty fantastic view too! I have a tree outside my home office window too, and right now it's FINALLY got leaves on it. Just being able to see that bit of green has brightened my days immensely. 🙂


  3. Ooh, beautiful! It must be a neat perspective to be above the tree. Usually I spend all my time looking up into them, whereas from your window, you can look down. I love seeing trees mixed in with buildings. Chicago has lots too and they make me happy. <3

    From my desk, I look out into my backyard and beyond that there is a splash of woods right next to corn and soy fields!


  4. Crayon blue sky… a lovely visual. I have a home office, but I've not yet discovered my very own “writing tree”. Lots of time I'm sitting on the couch with my feet on the coffee table.


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