What’s Up Wednesday #2

What I’m Reading

Charming Billy by Alice McDermott. When my local used bookstore closed last spring, the owner let me take an entire tiny shelf of literary fiction paperbacks. I’ve slowly been making my way through them and only recently did I discover I actually owned this National Book Award winner from the year I graduated high school. It’s beautiful so far.

Also, from that same stack, I just finished Sarah’s Key by Tatiana De Rosnay. I knew nothing about the Vel’ d’Hiv round up in France during World War II and I found the story absolutely fascinating.

What I’m Writing

The reason I’ve been missing in action from the blog is because I was finishing up revisions to RABBIT ISLAND for my agent. While the revisions were not extensive, I found I had to dig deep into the psychology of my characters in order to better understand some of the underlying emotions behind several conversations, story lines, and relationships. It turned out to be a tough pass. Now that they are turned over, I’ll sleep well, gear up for another revision, if there is to be one, and continue dreaming and researching The Oyster Book.

What Inspires Me Right Now

The possibilities of summer.

What Else I’ve Been Up To

I’ve been in a sort of head fog these days, a bit distracted, nervous, preoccupied in spiraling thoughts, fidgety yet tired. In many ways, not myself.  On the actual side of things, there have been dinners with friends, plans with family, working each day, hoping for the right opportunities, writing and reading each night, and an unhealthy amount of viewing of Frasier reruns on Netflix. That cast of characters is really making me laugh.

Because I feel so tired these days, I think I’m going to experience a period of hands-off for a little while. A sigh. A release. Let the universe take over.

Beyond that, I’m dreaming of our upcoming trip to Ireland. And I hope one day this weekend, maybe Sunday, I’ll wake up and go absolutely nowhere. That would be a beautiful thing.  

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19 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday #2

  1. You're going to Ireland? That's awesome! I really need to take a trip there someday. I think there's a lot of value in digging deep into your characters' minds. I know those are the kinds of things that make your story just that much better.


  2. Fraiser is pretty awesome. And congrats on finishing up revisions! I know that feeling of facing a tough revision and then the feeling of completing it. Such a good, good feeling! Good for you!


  3. I hadn't heard of CHARMING BILLY before reading your post, but I'm intrigued. And congrats on finishing your revision — what an amazing feeling! Oh, and I TOTALLY think you should join us for Ready. Set. Write! 🙂


  4. Congratulations on finishing your revisions, you definitely deserve to stay in bed on Sunday and plan your trip. Ireland is a gorgeous place, we went to Dublin and County Donegal for our honeymoon. We're actually heading back there this summer too – enjoy!


  5. What's Up Wednesdays — awesome theme. I'll have to check it out (do I need to be a YA blogger to participate?)!

    I read Sarah's Key as well and was floored by what happened in Paris. Tatiana de Rosnay's writing was incredible (hard to believe English isn't her first language — I fear what my French writing would be like).


  6. I like the idea of the “hands off” approach – I believe the Beatles said it best: There will be an answer – let it be. I remind myself of that again and again.

    I'd love to know what else was on that shelf! Happy reading and congrats on the revisions.


  7. I am SO jealous that you're going to Ireland. That's one of the top places my boys and I would love to visit. I hope you have a wonderful time there! I also hope your head fog disappears. That feeling is the worst, especially when you're trying to write. Best wishes for a better week and lots of writing if the hands-off philosophy leads you in that direction.


  8. Ireland sounds amazing!

    The book by Tatiana De Rosnay was definitely a gripping read for me. The Vel D´Hiv was tragic and I find it good that literature can help remember or learn about it.

    Congrats on your revision!


  9. Congrats on getting your latest round of revisions completed and off to your agent! Even though there could be more to come, it should feel good to get that accomplishment checked off your list and help you to breathe easier.

    And I think it's great that you're wanting to take time for YOU and step back from everything for a bit. Sometimes it makes going back to everything, that much better.

    Your upcoming trip to Ireland sounds just like the distraction you need…I have an upcoming trip to Mazatlan in October, but for now, I'm just excited that it's finally sunny here in Seattle!


  10. You're going to IRELAND!!! I may be a lot jealous. How cool is that? I can't wait to hear all about it. 🙂

    And seriously, not much better than a quiet Sunday. My favorites!


  11. Ireland! Fabulous. Jealous. Sarah's Key tortured me late at night…the boy in the cupboard. Oh my, it still haunts me. I like your hand's off approach. I want to do this summer…take me away…


  12. Yes, I understand this tired. It's a brain-tired, beyond physical tired. And the hands off approach is the best one, I think. Also, I got caught up in old episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond recently, and the laughter was such a release. I don't laugh like that very often, and I could feel stress bubbles bursting.


  13. I loved Frasier and all the quirky characters! Aww, they don't make sitcoms like that (or Friends and Will & Grace) anymore. But most definitely, as Angie said, laugher is a great release, so try not to think of all the Frasier viewing time as unhealthy.

    Glad you're inspired by the possibilities of summer. That's a good sign. I'm also glad to hear you're gaining ground on the revisions for Rabbit Island. Yay! The sooner you finish, the sooner we can read it. 🙂


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