What’s Up Wednesday #3

What I’m Reading

I just started Per Petterson‘s Out Stealing Horses, recommended by Beth Kephart, whose taste in books I trust implicitly. So far, and I am only a few chapters in, it’s beautiful. Already there is a scene that haunts me, involving a crushed birds nest. It’s one of those moments that is so richly drawn, I can see it, feel it, will always see it as if it happened to me. I’m hoping to learn a lot from this writer.

What I’m Writing

Finishing final revisions to RABBIT ISLAND and that’s it. I’ve decided to take a break from writing anything new for the month of June. Then July will be dedicated to research for The Oyster Book before I dive into a draft in August. There are some short stories and essays I’d like to polish up and send out into the world.

What Inspires Me Right Now

The written words of others. As always.

What Else I’ve Been Up To

I thought maybe an instagram collage would help explain the days.

Yesterday, before attending a wonderful event about writing history for children (more on this later) I stopped in Washington Square Park. The fountain looks a bit like it’s sprouting up into the sun.

Our summer CSA has begun, which means a summer full of fresh local greens and experimenting with unknown vegetables that over the years we’ve come to know a little better (kohlrabi, tatsoi, etc.)  These strawberries are actually from the farmer’s market but I thought they were really beautiful.

Last weekend I went to the Belmont Stakes for the first time in many years. I loved the beautiful clothes and hats. After watching a few races, we left early, and did what my family does best: eat pasta at one of the local Italian joints with the best bolognese I have ever tasted. It turned out to be a good day.

Beyond that, I’ve been struggling a bit at work. I hesitate to write about my job here because I realize it’s public but my boss and coworkers know my frustration and unhappiness. I’ve been working to change this part of my life, working very hard, and, while I sense a shift, I have yet to see a real change. Part of the hands-off approach I mentioned last week is letting go a bit, allowing the universe to decide what is best for me. I don’t see this as giving up. I’m hoping that two years of hard work and persistence to make a transition will open the doors I’ve been banging at. It’s summer. It’s time to reassess, to step back and just be  for a while.

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11 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday #3

  1. I love your Instagram collage. Great pictures! Sounds like you've been up to some fun things. That's too bad about work. I really hope it sorts itself out and becomes less of a source of stress.


  2. Thanks for sharing the photos. I love the fountain so much! Strawberries always look so nice but I'm allergic to them ^^;

    …Is it bad I've never heard of those vegetables? Should I hide in shame?


  3. Taking a break from writing is exactly what's needed, sometimes–we just need to recharge and get inspired again.

    Those pictures are lovely, and your day at the races sounds like it was wonderful, too (I love that hat!)


  4. Ooo, I love your picture collage, especially the strawberries and the fountain! Sounds like you had a very full week. Oh, and the first time my husband mentioned kohlrabi to me, I thought he was joking. When I was a kid, I watched a show where the characters ate kohlrabi, so I totally thought it was fictional. I know, duh. Best of luck with your revisions and research!


  5. Yum, eating pasta is one of my favorite pastimes! I would be right there with you, leaving the horse races early to do so. 🙂

    I like your plan for waiting to dive into a first draft in August—when fall is in the air (the best time to get creative)! And yes, taking a mental break to “just be” and let go for a while is wise.


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