Amy Got a Book Deal!!! So We Made A Video

I met Amy Sonnichsen through the Hacky Sack Club, the brainchild of Amy and Janet, and after a series of embarrassing videos, that led to silly emails, that led to more serious emails, Amy and I began reading one another’s work and encouraging one another through this wild publishing journey. I learned many things through these exchanges, a few of which I’ll share here:

Amy is superhuman. She manages to take care of five adorable children, write (multiple) entire novels, revise (multiple) entire novels, critique (multiple) entire novels written by others, answer my ridiculous emails, comment or like every facebook status I write, AND talk to me on the phone to give me her brilliant advice while making some sort of broccoli casserole. I don’t know how she does it.  I recollect her critiquing a query letter for me while two of her children were puking. She’s a multi-tasker all right.

Not surprisingly but, perhaps, most importantly, Amy has a huge, HUGE heart.

And Amy writes the most gorgeous books. Lucky for us, you’ll be able to read her middle grade verse novel in 2015 because, earlier this summer, RED BUTTERFLY sold to Simon & Schuster!!!!!!!

When she told me about her book deal, I couldn’t have been more thrilled because Amy works so hard, writes so beautifully, and inspires me with her enormous talent.

So, in classic Hacky Sack Club fashion, the amazing Janet and I decided we had to post some ridiculous video to celebrate the occasion because we share, both, Amy’s joy over this amazing news and her penchant for silliness.

So all of you get to hear us sing and watch our brilliant acting skills. (Janet is actually brilliant and funny at this. I, on the other hand, had to do something like 25 takes while Tyler shook his head at my appalling ability to pretend to ‘squint’.)

Congratulations Amy! I couldn’t be happier for you.

Without further adieu…let the celebration ensue…


11 thoughts on “Amy Got a Book Deal!!! So We Made A Video

  1. Your post puts mine to shame! 🙂 Everything you said and more. Amy is a great friend and so talented. It's a privilege to know her.

    And SO awesome to do this with you, Melissa! I'm afraid I'll be looking for an excuse to do this again. (And you crack me up. I actually was thinking how great all your clips are compared to mine.) 😀 Hacky Sack Club Forever!


  2. Sweet! At first I thought you meant I got a book deal, but then I realized I only have four children and never talked to you on the phone while making a broccoli casserole. Darn it! Oh well, congrats to Amy – I'm sufficiently inspired!


  3. I'm crying laughing, you guys!! You are so awesome and I really don't deserve all this praise. I'm reading what you said about me and it didn't even feel like you were actually describing me. haha! I'm thinking, “Who is this woman Melissa thinks I am.” ha! Of course I like to critique people's books when my kids are puking because it gives me a break from puke for a few minutes. 😉

    I can't believe I missed this! Janet actually wrote me a cryptic email the other day, but I still spaced it. 😀 ha ha ha! Oh, I'm still laughing.



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