Baby’s Here!

I’m over the moon to share this news: baby boy is here! He came two weeks early this past Saturday. I was so totally clueless about labor and delivery that, after 2 hours of steady abdominal pain (which I attributed to another health issue I had experienced earlier in the pregnancy) I thought Tyler and I should go to the hospital and see what was ‘the matter’.  I didn’t even think to bring my carefully packed overnight bag but, ever practical, I did decide to bring my glasses and some paperwork ‘just in case’. 
Imagine my surprise when the doctors said I was in early labor.
Thirty-one blissful hours later we welcomed him to the world.  While he was perfectly healthy, I wondered out loud in those first few minutes Aren’t babies supposed to cry? After a half hour of lovely grunts, he gave us a few beautiful wails.  I like to think this makes him a pretty chill kid.
At this time, I’m not sure about how to handle photographs through social media. I suppose this is a twenty-first century problem. For now, I believe everyone loves sunlit newborn feet and if you need a picture of his absolutely precious face, feel free to email me.
Life has already changed drastically, in the most wonderful way it could but I think it will be hard to adjust to a lot of the changes. Considering this might be the longest post I’ve been able to type in the past few months, I think I’ll be continuously surprised about how time will be handled. Right now newborn care is a strange sort of exhausting repetition with hours of frantic scurry and screams followed by waves of peaceful calm.
All this to say, I don’t know what blogging will be like for the next few months but I know I’ll make my way here when I can. In fact, I’ve wanted to write more, in general, in these first few day’s of the baby’s life than I have in the exhausting nine months leading up to this time.  
I guess I’ve often seen writing as another form of dreaming. And dreams seem new and big and beautiful here.

16 thoughts on “Baby’s Here!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Those little feet alone are adorable!
    I've usually found that the first three months of my new babies' lives are the most productive writing months for me. If you feel like writing and Baby will let you, take advantage of them!! (And don't worry about blogging. We'll hang around. 🙂


  2. I felt a creative surge after my babies were born. Don't be afraid to ask someone to help with the baby so you can write. It's self care. Keep him handy for snuggles and feedings! But, let others walk with him and change him. What a lovely surprise for you. Glad it all went well. I love the photo you share with us. I don't think there is much danger in showing a baby's face on the web. The little guy will always be with someone at this stage of life. Still, do whatever is comfortable for you. The feet are adorable!


  3. I saw the announcement on Facebook, and YAY! I like your labor story! I was always induced, so I never really experienced true labor. For whatever reason, I did a lot of early morning, middle of the night type blogging in the first couple of weeks post birth. Then the painkillers wore off and real fatigue set in. 🙂 But I still love to look back on those posts. There is a different kind of energy there. I also like when bloggers never show their kids faces and create some mystery to the shot… it feels very “artist-y”. But I blew my chance of ever doing that!


  4. Oh my goodness… smoochie cute little wrinkly babeeee feet! Congratulations, Mama Sarno! I've been wondering about you and am so glad you posted this announcement and adorable picture here. Yes, handling social media photos and finding time will be tricky, but your loyal readers will await. 🙂 Hugs and kisses and lots of this-little-piggies from me!


  5. I followed a link via Faith's blog and so glad I did! Those are extremely kissable baby feet. So beautiful! Congratulations!!! You are going to be a wonderful writer-mama.


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